Effective communication & Feedback

Listening, improvising, conflicts and much more

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In this course you will learn correct methods and ways of effective communication within an organization from people managers to the employees and to the teams; how to improve the relationships between team leads and their team members; how to improve cooperation among teams in terms of effective communication; giving complex feedback.

Trainer: Lukáš Krupka

Co-trainer: Janka Grinco / Lukáš Barda

Duration: 2 days

Price: 17.400 CZK excluding VAT (refreshment is included in the price)

14.6. – 15.6. 2021

Location: Prague


1. Introduction to the topic, its explanation and clarifying the purpose of exercises (models 70:20:10; comfort vs. stretch vs. panic zone – why do we do some of the exercises)

2. Basic theory– effective communication

• Self-introduction and Elevator pitch (30 seconds)

3. Basic theory–feedback methodology and the reasons for its getting / providing

• Feedback types, trying out giving a feedback: SAR/CAR, BAR, TRAIN, SBI, Sandwich, Johari

4. Employee moment 

• Pygmalion effect

5. Listening as the basis and pillar of a successful communication  

6. Text interpretation exercise  – differences in perception

7. Communication within teams / towards an individual  

a) Communication towards an employee (situational leadership basics)

b) Management of annual meeting work assessment  

c) Management of development debate 

d) Debate as a tool

8. 1-minute improvisation on business topic

9. MBTI methodology and case study – the impact on communication and team work

10. Conflict management

a) Conflict types

b) Thomas-Kilmann test

c) „Tough Discussions“ Exercise

11. Team meeting management – case study

What do you gain?

  • You will enjoy practical examples and demonstrations, which can help you begin.

  • Printed study material

  • E-notes from the discussions, internet links, and all kinds of sources mentioned during the trainings (by e-mail within two weeks after the training – the notes will be taken by the assistant throughout the whole training). 

  • Access to the platform managed by the Agile academy, where you will be able to stay in touch with your group and your trainers.

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