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Powerpoint is only one fraction of it all

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The aim of this course is to acquire the technique of inspiring presentation by means of various tools (getting rid of stereotypes and standard practices); to consider a presentation from the point of view of storytelling – to be able to tell a whole story; to understand the principles of a correct presentation in terms of verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal features.

Last but not least, stress management is a part of the package – as a tool for eliminating tension and fear of presenting in front of a larger audience. You can use stress management for other everyday situations in your work life.

Trainer: Lukáš Krupka

Duration: 1 day (9:00 – 17:00)

Price: 7.500 CZK excluding VAT (refreshment is included in the price)

Language: Czech (in-house training can be in English)

19. 3. 2024

Location: Prague

19. 6. 2024

Location: Prague


1. Introduction to the topic, its explanation and clarifying the purpose of exercises (models 70:20:10; comfort vs. stretch vs. panic zone – why do we do some of the exercises)

2. The basic theory of presentation

a) Verbal features

b) Non-verbal features

c) Para-verbal features

3. Participants’ presentations on various topics

a) Providing feedback on the given presentations

b) We might add the principles of a power-point presentation  

4. Inspirational Presenter

a) INSPIRE model

b) Impact presentation (using all senses)

5. Inspiring Presentation

a) Clients / Participants will create a presentation during the seminar  (WITHOUT power-point)

6. Story Telling – principles

a) Clients / Participants will round it up by telling their own story

7.Stress Management

a) Autogenic training

b) Anxiety curve

c) De-sensibilisation and working with feelings

You will receive within the training course:


a free book chosen by the trainer


certificate of completion


study materials


practical experience

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