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Agile is about people, I have therefore brought together a team of the best and most experienced experts from the agile environment in order to present you information from specific fields which they specialize in.

Petr Novotný

Agile academy manager, trainer, expert consultant

Petr is an Agile coach; he took part in the Agile transformation of ING in the Netherlands, worked as a lead coach during OHRA insurance company Agile transformation, and cooperated with Arie van Bennekum (the co-author of Agile manifesto), he created and lead a community of agile coaches in Česká spořitelna, where he greatly contributed to the management and contents of Agile transformation. He does not see Agility as something dogmatic, but rather as a way to be more flexible on the current market, and to have more satisfied and therefore more effective employees. Over twenty years of experience, Petr has trained and coached a number of teams and individuals in several countries.

Specialization: agile transformation, coaching

Tomáš Reichmann

trainer and expert consultant

An Agile coach of teams, Scrum masters, Product Owners and Top management, agile transformation, open approach, calling things by their true names.  This is Tom. Originally a Project Manager who never wanted to “go back to the waterfall” after having discovered the Agile world. Agile gave him an answer to most pains which he experienced in waterfall process. He has been in the Agile world for seven years, he has worked for companies such as Česká Spořitelna, Siemens, Moneta, Mavenir and other. He founded the following companies: LBD and New Meta.

Specialization: scaled agile

Matthijs de Booij

trainer and expert consultant

His mission: inspiring others to discover new ways of working. He has provided 100+ training courses and workshops in the fields of Scrum, Agile Product Development, and Kanban within his own company. Over the years, he has advised and coached 15+ different organizations within various industries from banking to healthcare. As an official licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and Accredited Kanban Trainer, he is trusted by the creators of Scrum and the Kanban Method to create the best possible foundation you can build on in practice. 

Specialization: certified and Kanban training courses

Palo Blaho

trainer and expert consultant

Palo has been in the field of Agile in the Czech and international environment for over ten years (e.g. Germany, Great Britain, USA). He has been a programmer, trainer, team leader, and project manager and he has worked his way up to become a SCRUM Master in one of the biggest financial institutions in the world – Deutsche Bank. He also helped start the transformation of Komerční banka, which went through a revolution of the organization of work, processes, and everything connected with the creation and development of new products. Palo reported directly to the CEO; he has also facilitated BoD and B-1 meetings a number of times. He is now helping with the transformation of several banks around the world under the Societe Generale.

Specialization: BoD mentoring and coaching

Michal Prokeš

trainer and expert consultant

Michal has been managing key programmes and projects in the agile way since 2013. In the last three years, he has worked as an Agile portfolio manager in Moneta Money Bank, which he as a member of the core team lead through a digital agile transformation. He is now in charge of developing a portfolio of change initiatives (e.g. inception, budgets, development, rollout). He has had both competence and mandate in this position, which is quite a unique combination for the Czech market. Apart from that, Michal has experience with transformation to Agile DevOps, with the development of Agile customer centricity activities, performance management a agile budgeting.

Specialization: agile portfolio management

Silvana Wasitová

trainer and expert consultant

Silvana is an Agile trainer with broad experience from several different parts of the world – she has trained and assisted various organizations in the U.S., the Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada, or the Czech republic. She has trained and coached more than 700 people and more than 120 Scrum Masters. She has been in charge of cross-functioning teams and strategic projects in some of the Fortune 500 organizations in 12 different countries. Both customers and colleagues appreciate her well-timed and first-rate deliveries and open communication. Every year, Silvana organizes the Agile coach camp Czech Republic.

Specialization: team dynamics, programme planning

Jiří Kuhn

trainer and expert consultant

For more than 15 years, Jirka has been working in the field of design and implementation of complex information systems and management of complex IS development programs. In the last eight years, he has been focussing on Agile product development and the digital transformation which goes hand in hand with it. As a KPMG Agile CoE leader, he has taken part in a number of implementation programs which have implemented Agile transformations in a number of major Czech companies (Česká spořitelna, Komerční banka, ČSOB) and also in some companies abroad. In a specialized international organization IPMA he is now in charge of development and certification of Agile Leadership in the Czech Republic.

Specialization: agile architecture, product development, scaled agile

Janka Grinco

Agile coach and scrum lady

As an agile coach and a scrum lady, she has been a part of the agile world for more than 5 years. She has worked in a number of companies, such as Mavenir, MSD, or Česká Spořitelna. Janka specializes in personal and professional development of Agile coaches and product owners. She cooperated in creating the competence matrix and the development plan for agile coaches and product owners. Janka is highly experienced in training, lecturing, creating and the dynamics of (not only) agile teams, and also in individual mentoring of agile coaches and product owners. 

Specialization: design thinking, visual facilitation, sketchnoting

Lenka Rouchalová

trainer and expert consultant

Lenka has been a part of the Agile world since 2015; three years later she became a certified Scrum Master (CSM). Her first job in this position was for Lundegaard a.s. After one year filled with continuous and non-stop work with several teams, she decided to gain experience elsewhere. She started cooperating with s Heureka Group a.s., where she has worked as SM until now.

Specialization: OKRs, remote teams

Lukáš Krupka

trainer and expert consultant

Lukáš studied at the University of Economics in Prague (VŠE) (International Business, Honors Academia, CEMS Int. Management); he has worked there as an active trainer ever since his graduation. Apart from that, he graduated from Prague Conservatoire, where he attended various training courses such as declamation, theatre diction, acting, interpretation, and other. He can now use all this knowledge and experience in his courses and lectures on communication and presentation skills. He has worked in several managerial positions in charge of supply chain in companies which deal with selling fast moving consumer goods.

Specialization: communication skills, coaching

Lukáš Barda

trainer and expert consultant

Lukáš is an offline agile trainer, an IT guy and a trainer. His life and passion is “the influence of online on our lives.”  He searches for the on/offline balance, for freedom and peace. He has been gathering his work experience since 2006. He has worked for Citibank, been through a drill at Accenture and experienced an Agile transformation in Česká spořitelna. He has worked as a project manager, an Agile trainer and an IT architect. Lately, he has devoted himself to training and educating, he has helped bring digital balance and the art of being offline in today’s online age. Since 2017 he has trained hundreds of people in companies, at primary, secodary schools and universities, as well as the general public.

Specialization: on/offline balance


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