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Each training is based on the experience of experts as well as the whole Agile Academy company.

Agile trainings

Agile clear and practical

Getting started with Agile?

Do you need to find out what it is for, what it solves and what it looks like in practice?

Or do you want to finally see what it should look like?

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how to scale agile – clear and practical

How to apply Agile in the environment of large companies? How to use the benefits of scaling frameworks?

Most companies use Agility in this environment.

Let’s see how to do it.

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AGILE culture and leadership

People make up the culture of an organization. What are the principles of an organization with a high degree of involvement and loyalty of people?

How not to be the busiest person in the company as a leader?

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Agile across teams – lean techniques

What if you’re in the middle of the corporate food chain and they want you to plan for the entire next year? We will show how to manage dependencies with Agile and Lean techniques.

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How can you build a highly efficient and independent team by means of mentoring and coaching?

This training will provide you with all you need to know about the (often rather incomprehensible) role of a scrum master.


To be able to define a product vision, handle stakeholder management, understand the market and the customers, and this all within an agile environment… That is not a piece of cake in these days. We will show you how to manage it all.



Try out various agile techniques for writing down requirements and dividing them.

Agile and Human Resources

The HR position is an essential one for an agile organization and its teams. How to make the most of an agile approach?   

Certified trainings

Professional Scrum master I

Learn Scrum from those who created and maintain It

Professional Scrum master II

An advanced Scrum Master class

Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Learn to maximize value as a Product Owner

Professional Scrum Product Owner II

Mastering the Product Owner Stances



How to speak properly and how to use your voice.

This course will help you improve your presentation skills, get the attention of your audience and keep yourself calm.


Listening, improvising, conflicts, and much more

There would be no agile world without communication. This course helps you reach a better level.

Presentation  skills

Powerpoint is only one fraction of it all

You will be surprised what all you can do to improve your presentation!

Have you not been able to choose?

Do you miss anything in our offer? A course, date, location? Would you like a “custom-made” training – for yourself, your group, team or employees? Let us know by using a simple form.

We can meet you anytime and anywhere, from Aš to Zlína, from Anchorage to Zagreb. If you need to train individual teams in different parts of the world, let us know and we can arrange it. We are able to give all training courses in English. We can either adjust an existing training, or we can combine them, or we can create a suitable training just for you. Thanks to many years of experience from the real world, we are able to create a “specialized” training – for example, as agile portfolio, agile architecture, performance management. We will gladly help you prepare or create a development plan for your Scrum Masters, Product Owners, agile teams and managers.

Do you need to organize an offsite with agile subject or an agile lecture for your employees or partners? We have a lot of experience in this respect and we will be glad to help you.

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