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About the Agile Academy Marketplace

To see with your own eyes, to experience or at least to hear from your “colleagues” from other companies how they apply agile approaches and principles, what does or does not work for them, what they are proud of and what they have learnt most from…this all has a great impact on gaining experience, broadening one’s horizons and motivating employees. What’s more, it might advance your company in terms of agility.


However, judging from our own and from your experience, it seems to be difficult to find a company (and the right person within such a company) willing to start such an exchange – while there is no problem making such exchange online of course. That’s why we want to make use of our contacts and offer you to join our platform for free. What you can find here is a list of such companies and the contact persons. You can look forward to the following companies:

Platform partners

If you want to view the contacts and begin arranging exchanges, get in touch with us. We shall enroll you in the list and provide you with an access code. No conditions, no requirements, no buts. It is a good practice though to be not only the guest but also a host of such exchange.

E-mail us or call us. And don’t forget our social networks.  

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