Agile and IT architecture

An Introduction not only for Scrum Masters

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This training focusses on the field of architecture in an agile organization. The principles of the agile manifesto say: The best architecture, requirements and proposals arise from self-organizing teams. How to cope with the principle of decentralizing the decision-making powers and the Enterprise architecture role? What is the function and mission of solution/system architecture in an agile organization?

Trainer: Jiří Khun

Co-trainer: Lukáš Barda / Lenka Rouchalová / Petr Novotný

Duration: 2 days (9:00-17:00)

Price: Due to the fact, that IT architecture is quite specific for each company, we offer this training in-house only. That´s why the price is contractual.

Date optional

Location: Optional


  • The basic overview of agile implementation approaches – Spotify, LeSS, SAFe
  • SCRUM and its link to enterprise layer; the role of technical architecture
  • Explanation of architectural roles in an enterprise organization, the responsibilities and interactions with other roles
  • Planning of enterprise and system architecture
  • Architecture goals
  • Management of enterprise architecture in the agile world
  • The role of architecture when defining strategic topics and issues, MVP
  • Architectural runaway
  • Support when generating customer values
  • DEVOPS/Continuous Delivery
  • Architecture for portfolio/value streams management


Reading the material is not compulsory but you can get much more from the course if you manage to go through the material mentioned above before the training itself.

What do you gain?

  • You will grasp and understand the role of architecture in an agile organization and how to influence the course of enterprise functioning
  • You will become aware of the most common mistakes within the field of architecture in an agile organization
  • You will gain skills and learn the principles of “agile thinking” in an enterprise environment
  • You will make the team cooperation more effective

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