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We teach how to be agile. We offer training courses, workshops and help become adapted. Each situation has its solution. We will teach you how to recognize the right one as quick as possible and how to implement it in your environment and your organization.


We are not slowing down during the summer. In-house training courses are running in both, start-ups and corporates. More and more individuals are interested in 1:1 workshops, which are tailored exactly to their actual situation and needs, so they can use everything they’ve learnt in day-to-day life right away.

Agile in all aspects of an agile company

To be agile means to be flexible and adaptable. To be able to adapt to situations which we encounter in the dynamically developing business. Agile does not only refer to a set of few tricks and practices, but it is a whole philosophy as such. There are two main roles in this „game“– the employee and the customer. We communicate with the customer from the very beginning till the very end.

That is the only way how to adapt to each situation in time and to reach maximum satisfaction on both sides. An agile approach also contributes to a better team communication. It improves communication between individual departments throughout the whole company.


Working agile enables a more frequent release (in smaller volumes) and a better communication with the customer. As a result, there is less development put on the shelf and the end user can see the work result earlier than usual. And, it is IT that per definition says HOW the customers‘ requirements will be fullfilled.


The role of the management is also essential in Agile but its approach differs significantly. Terms such as „Servant Leader“, „Role model“, „Delegating“ or „Trust“ are used more often in the agile world and are much more important than in the standard management.

Human Resources

For the HR world working agile is essential in two respects:

  1. Recruitment and the organization support is changing – the needs of teams and their managers differ; plus, the performance and the development framework is changing as well.
  2. The functioning of HR itself – most principles from the Agile world can be used for the HR. It has been proved a good practice to adapt to the functioning of HR for the sake of the organization.

It is usually the business people who deal with the customer in most cases. It is them who know the customer’s needs and motivations, who know what the cumstomer values the most.

Agile brings many ways how to even better align the customer and the „supplier“. What’s more, it enables the customer to see what is being done both in the early phases and throughout the whole process. In Agile, it is not „us – business“ and „them – IT“. In Agile , it is “WE“.

A selection of our training courses

Professional Scrum Master I

Professional Scrum MasterTM (PSM) is a 2-day certified course that covers the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master in it. This course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises and teaches what is at the heart of the Scrum and Agile movement.

Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced

This 2-day certified course focuses on helping experienced practitioners to:

  • expand their ability to establish a solid vision
  • validate their hypotheses
  • and ultimately deliver more value to their stakeholders.

This course is an interactive, experiential workshop where students explore topics through a series of exercises and discussions.

We can offer you a “custom-made” Agile training

Are you a company or a group interested in Agile? We can offer you a training or a workshop right for you. We are well aware that each company is different – it has a different culture, different vision, different perspective and expectations of Agile, different level of seniority or number of employees. Let us know your primal expectation and/ or your questions, and we will get back to you. Together we can discuss what is the best way to help and assist you. The more we know about you, the more suitable training we can create for you.

We can meet you anytime and anywhere, from Aš to Zlín, from Anchorage to Zagreb. If you need to train individual teams in different parts of the world, let us know and we can arrange it. We are able to give all training courses in English. We can either adjust an existing training, we can combine them, or we can create a suitable training just for you. Thanks to many years of experience from the real world, we are able to create a “specialized” training – for example, an agile portfolio, agile architecture, performance management. We will gladly help you prepare or create a development plan for your Scrum Masters, Product Owners, agile teams and managers.

Do you need to organize an offsite with an agile subject or an agile lecture for your employees or partners? We have a lot of experience in this respect and we will be glad to help you.

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We are taking agile seriously 

Why Agile from us?

We interconnect our still increasing experience with theory – all our trainers are primarily Agile coaches or Scrum masters who have decided to pass on their knowledge and experience. Apart from a number of workshops and trainings which they have given, each of them has also attended and finished a pedagogical training adapted for the sake of our training courses so that you can get the most of it.

We keep improving not only ourselves but also our training courses, which we keep improving both in terms of its contents and the processes. And, the training courses are not all that we offer –  we create communities, arrange exchanges / internships between companies, so that (not only) our students can broaden their agile horizons and bring back knowledge and findings from somewhere else, we organize community meetings.

This all for free because we are deeply involved and we believe in Agile, which is, among other things, about sharing.


We focus only on Agile

We coach what we specialize in. Nothing more, nothing less.


Agile custom-made trainings

We create not only general but also very specialized agile trainings.  


We create a community

Going through the training broadens your agile horizons and at the same time you contribute to the development of Agile community in the Czech republic – some of the profit will be invested to agile community activities.


Practical experience

All the theoretical knowledge is based on and tested on practical experience from the real world.


Words from the founder

I founded the Agile academy in order to share the most precious experience and our gained knowlegde with you, carefully selected trainers. My goal is to spread agile approach throughout the society and make it alive. I believe that agile environment in companies connects people and enables them to do what they really enjoy doing and what they are good at. This leads to great results which please both themselves and their customers.

I would like to help create Agile community in the Czech republic and interconnect people and organizations so that they get discover and get to know Agile from more points of view, and so that they can cooperate across the market in terms of agility. 

Each training is based on the experience of experts as well as the whole Agile Academy company.


Our trainers have trained and coached hundreds of teams and individuals, have written on thousands of flipcharts and stickers, have uttered ten thousands sentences and have listened to hundred thousands sentences from the participants. They have given trainings and lectures on four continents, both under the ground and on the 30th floor. This all in Czech, English French and Indonesian.

Our team

Agile is about people, and therefore I have brought together a team of the best and most experienced experts from the agile environement to share information with you from varies fields and areas they specialize in.


We take Agile approach seriously, as well as the quality and style of our trainings. We are proud holders of a number of certificates which you can view here.   

E-mail us or call us. And don’t forget our social networks.  

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