Rhetorics & declamation

How to speak properly and how to use your voice

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This course will teach and show you correct vocal techniques so that your vocal cords will not be continually damaged (vocal techniques and hygiene); to use your voice on different voice levels so that the presenter  does not sound monotonous; declamation + pregnant pronunciation even when using a microphone so that the presenter is to be understood under any circumstances; re-educational vocal exercise in case of vocal damage.

Last but not least, a correct vocal technique is a source of relaxation and the basis for all antistress and regeneration exercise (eg. autogenic training, bioenergy, yoga, sport atd.).

Trainer: Lukáš Krupka

Co-trainer: Petr Novotný

Duration: 1 day (9:00-17:00)

Price: 8.900 CZK excluding VAT (refreshment is included in the price)

28.6. 2021

Location: Prague


  • Topic introduction, explanation of declamation and the purpose of the exercise (models 70:20:10; comfort vs. stretch vs. Panic zone – why to do some of the exercises)

  • Theoretical basics  (what are vocal cords and how are they formed; where is our voice produced and how; diaphragm; air column, etc.)

  1. Your posture – seating
  2. Breathing and its types
  3. Resonance and voice sound
  4. Articulation (vocals vs. consonants)
  5. Intonation
  • The basics of correct speech ( practical exercise)

  • Declamation – text and its interpretation (reading different texts in different modes)
  1. Text for articulation
  2. Text with content (storytelling etc.)
  3. Specialized text
  • Voice re-education
  • Vocal hygiene (how to take good care of your voice)

What do you gain?

  • You will enjoy practical examples and demonstrations, which can help you begin.

  • Printed study material

  • E-notes from the discussions, internet links, and all kinds of sources mentioned during the trainings (by e-mail within two weeks after the training – the notes will be taken by the assistant throughout the whole training). 

  • Access to the platform managed by the Agile academy, where you will be able to stay in touch with your group and your trainers.

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